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How to become a student

Step no. 1.

Create an account in the Internet registration system for candidates (IRK) available on the recruitment webpage of Opole University of Technology.  After your account has been created, your personal login and password will be generated.

Step no. 2.

Log in to the registration system (IRK) and choose the field of study, then your individual bank account number will be generated into which you should transfer the registration fee. 

In case of registration to the  IInd  cycle studies, make sure that completed Ist cycle education documents allows you to pursue registration to the chosen field of study  within the IInd cycle. You can verify that by viewing the  CATALOGUE OF RELATED FIELDS OF STUDY.

Step no. 3.

Please transfer of the registration fee and tuition fee to the individual account number (different for each candidate). 

The registration fee is not subject to reimbursement. 

Due to the fact that the time between the issuing of the payment until registering the money transfer into the OUTech bank account may last up to a couple of days (it is dependent on the place and method of payment), it is advisable to make the payment in a proper advance, before the completion date of on-line registration. To accelerate the money transfer process, we kindly advice to use the Internet banks.

Step no. 4.

After making the payment, please upload you education documents.

Step no. 5.

Once the documents are correct and properly uploaded you would be contacted by the Admission officer and provided with the set of document required to process the visa procedure.

Step no. 6.

After the on-line registering process comes to an end, an announcement “qualified” or “not qualified” will be generated in the time specified by the recruitment schedule. You can also check the status in the admission office.

Submitting documents 
Original documents will be submitted  after arrival in the Foreigners Service Office located in the Student Service Office at Mikołajczyka 16, Opole.